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InGear Fashions, established in 1990 and based in Miami, Florida, has grown to become the leading supplier of swim, resort and casual lifestyle fashions in the United States and abroad. With now more than two decades worth of experience in the swim and resort market, our expertise in design, product development and sales, along with our highly regarded Licensing and Private Label Programs, have catapulted InGear into the limelight of our industry. Our products and lifestyle accessories may be found at surf, beach, swim, hotel/resort and gift shops, as well as in boutiques, spas, sporting good stores, and reputable department stores across the country.

global network
Our influence is truly global in reach. After years of exponential growth, InGear, at the turn of the millennium entered international markets, establishing major distribution facilities in Mexico and Jamaica. InGear Mexico and InGear Jamaica have successfully marketed our variety of products in resorts such as Cancun, Cozumel, Carmen del Playa, Puerto Vallarta and Montego Bay. In the last decade, InGear now has over 30 distributors in areas across the globe, including the Caribbean, Latin America, European Union, Middle East, Far East, and Australia. With increasing demand for our products, we are only continuing to further expand our distribution channels around the world.

licensing program
Our highly regarded Licensing Program is administered by InGear's top executives and Management team. Our Licensing Division oversees all operations with respect to the licensor-licensee relationship assuring that all expectations and goals established by the parties are met on a consistent basis. Our Licensing Division is also responsible for researching the product market of our prospective Licensor. InGear understands the importance of branding and brand maintenance, and we strive to openly communicate to our Licensor's our philosophy of trendsetting. Furthermore, we have created a Licensing Committee, internally, to make sure we are meeting monthly or quarterly goals, and develop marketing and advertising strategies to help us surpass the expectations of our Licensor. InGear is currently a proud licensee of DC Comics Swim (Warner Bros), Coca-Cola Swim, Betty Boop Swim, Deadmau5 Swim, and Guy Harvey Swim, and holds the exclusive distribution rights for Hello Kitty Swim and Paul Frank Swim for the beach/resort market.

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