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About Us

In our almost 30 year history, our depth of experience has molded us into much more than a product based company. We are experts in our field, having mastered all aspects of bringing fashion and product to market.

Entrepreneurial consulting

InGear's founders and partners represent the essence of entrepreneurship. We have 22 years of business experience under our belt - we know what it takes to create a business, build a business, maintain a business, and grow a business. We very much respect those who have entrepreneurial visions and goals – our expertise will be of invaluable assistance to your start-up organization. We are prepared to assist you in all areas including but not limited to brand development, design development, media placement, purchasing, marketing, advertising, manufacturing, internet sales, and vendor compliance. To further inquire about our consulting services and fees, please email


Knowledge is power when it comes to sourcing, and having created countless products over the years, our sourcing team is experienced in finding factories around the globe that can reliably meet all production expectations for any product. We work with established factories in the Far East, Central and South America, the Caribbean, as well as here in the United States. Our team of sourcing professionals travels to our factories constantly, and know the genuine capabilities of each and every one of them. To further inquire about our sourcing services, please emaill

Private label / Product development

Our product development team has mastered the entire process of bringing product to market. From idea generation and screening, to concept development and testing, to financial analysis and market testing, our team of professionals carefully plan and implement strategy from beginning to end. Furthermore, our product development team is actively involved in our reputable Private Label Program – we have engaged in private label services with several reputable department stores across the country. You will have a finished product with your label and to your specifications that you will be proud to call your own. For more information about our product development or private label program, please email

Sales representation

InGear sales representatives are all truly veterans of our industry, some having more than 30 years of experience. Each of our sales representatives have impeccable resumes, with prior work experience and relationships with premier retail organizations. Our teams of representatives work very closely with our department store buyers and with other key members of our account base. In many instances, our sales power has enabled us to work as sales agents, representing product of other companies to buyers. InGear, over our 22 years of networking and account development, has assembled a significantly large account base. If you believe that your organization's product may be of interest to our account base, please inquire further about our sales representation services by emailing


Mastery of E-Commerce is a must for any business that wishes to retail its products online. With internet shopping options for our broad range of products, we have mastered both the art and science of E-Commerce. Through our years of experience, we have learned the nuts and bolts of how to maximize the potential for internet sales. We can assist you in website design and organization of content, help to develop the components and functionality of your online store, and most importantly, help you to include all components to make for a user-friendly experience! To further inquire about our E-Commerce services, please email

Graphic multimedia design

InGear's talented graphic design team has both the experience and creativity that impresses all, and our team consistently meets the needs of our clients. While it is impossible to define the scope of their capabilities, the services of our graphic design team included website design and development (Flash and HTML), catalog design and construction, sales literature, logo development, photo manipulation, retouching and doctoring, production ready artwork, and much more. To further inquire about our graphic design services, please email

Public relations

We take the writing of our press releases very seriously – presentation is too important us, and it should be to you too! Nothing builds more credibility than a well-written press release that gets picked up by the media. A well-written release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products. We work with professionals who analyze your audience and the goals of the message you wish to create, and then strategically write the content for the presentation masterpiece that will enhance your image of your business organization. To further inquire about assistance of PR services, please email


As we do a lot of printing, InGear has excellent relationships with the best printing houses across the globe. We are therefore able to assist in matching your needs to certain printers, and also get better pricing because of our relationship with them! Need a catalog, and need one quickly? We have you covered! Looking for exotic printing options like spot varnishing or foil printing? We'll make your product shine! It doesn't stop there. Need die-cutting, labels, tags, screen prints, heat transfers, embroidery, rhinestones? We do it all…For inquire about our printing fulfillment, please email