InGear FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered, but my account is disabled?

All accounts are disabled until you are approved. You will receive an approval email with log in instructions.

What am I supposed to do after I’m approved?

You will receive a coupon code that reflects what type of affiliate you are, based on the # of followers/friends/likes on your social media pages. Use this code to purchase merchandise at the website provided.

These are items you can wear, display or talk about on all your sites. Once logged into your account you will see banners & links. Use your personal affiliate link on everything you post. That link will bring people to the website. We created banners to also advertise with. Be creative. The main goal for the model affiliate program is advertising for us.

Using the merchandise you earned, pre-designed banners, blog about us, post pictures, videos all to entice all your friends and followers to buy from us. You earn commissions and we will choose models to work our tradeshows and be in our catalogs based on your performance.

Where do I put my promo/coupon code?

Click on “MY CART” top right menu bar.

promo/coupon code

How do I choose a size?

Click on the swatch color until it is outlined in yellow. Size drop down list will become active.

choose size

Where are the pre designed banners and my personal affiliate link?

Once you log in- Click on Banners and Links.

pre-designed banners

Can I change or personalize my affiliate code?

No. Unfortunately, the system generates this code and will only recognize this code as being you.

How do I put the pre designed banners on my page or website?

Once in banners and links-Choose the one you want and copy and paste in the appropriate code on your social media or website.


Where do I log in to my affiliate homepage?

Where can I find the coupon/promo code to give out to earn commissions?

Once logged in Click on coupons. This code is entered on Click on “MY CART” to enter coupon code. This will give you a commission and your customer will receive a 20% discount.

 banner codes

What is the difference between my personal affiliate link and the coupon code?

Your personal affiliate link is what someone will click on to go to If they purchase going through this link you receive credit. The coupon code is what you share to give the person a discount of 20% and you will also receive credit by them purchasing.